Smart Solutions

myAdhesive has been founded in 2021 targeting growth opportunities in international markets with a focus on consumer products. Its foundation was laid by the Turkish Yiğitoğlu Group.

The company strives for excellence and recognition in mature and emerging markets with smart solutions in industrial sectors of adhesive components.

The company is headquartered in Turkey/Çorlu. European technology, global entrepreneurship, high-tech solutions, electronic trading and a global distribution network will ensure success around the globe.

Our Markets

Hygienic Applications

Generating Solutions For Generations

At myAdhesive we provide quality to the rapidly changing lifestyles of mothers and their babies around the world. We work with the world’s leading Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper, and Fem Care product manufacturers, and support this market segment with our high-performing products for enhanced functionality.

myAdhesive is committed to delivering new-generation products to its customers in the Hygienic Market Sector. Please contact us for an offer on our products and its attractive commercial tailor-made business solutions.


Packaging Applications

Challenges Make Us Grow Stronger

At myAdhesive, we understand the evolving business needs and challenges of our customers. Our portfolio of packaging adhesives meets the high standards the competitive packaging industry expects. Our product range is applicable for a wide spectrum of end-use temperatures and adhere to a variety of substrates.

We are offering superior performance, reduced manufacturing and material costs and flexible distribution operations. Our packaging adhesives cover all needs of the market, from standard boxes to specialty bondings. We are happy to solve your toughest packaging challenges with our advanced industrial packaging adhesives tailored to your precise needs.


Labelling Applications

Endless Possibilities For Every Demand

At myAdhesive we offer unlimited labelling possibilities ranging from glass and PET bottles to metal containers.

myAdhesive’s container labelling products offer highspeed application at high production line speed. We recognize the industry’s need for durability and ease-ofuse. Our container labelling adhesive products are ideal for both in-line labelling and roll through labelling processes, either using plastic film or paper labels.

Tailored to meet customers’ specific needs, our quality container labelling adhesive products are the top performing labelling solutions in the packaging market. Protect your brand with myAdhesive labelling solutions!


Mattresses Applications

Guaranteed Care For Everyone

At myAdhesive, we prioritize the health and comfort of all customers, which begins with a good night’s sleep. Our innovation of mattresses using Hot Melt adhesives ensures a safe and ecologically sustainable method to the mattress industry.

As an adhesive specialist, we offer the perfect solution for every mattress type, with custom products for efficient mattress applications for innerspring mattresses, sandwich mattresses, mattress toppers and pocket springs.

We offer odorless adhesive products by using advanced technology and processing properties in order to bring you and your families a restful night.