Our Vision on Sustainability

myAdhesive is committed to maintaining the highest standards in human, environmental and ethical values. This is achieved by our cooperation with local communities, industry bodies, authorities, and our customers. We built on value-creating partnerships. With our Responsible Care Programme we strive for continuous improvements of health safety and environmental standards:

  • Our development teams are on a constant mission to provide adhesives which have a minimal environmental impact and wherever possible are based on renewable raw materials.
  • Our product portfolio is designed to ultimately increase the renewable content of our adhesives incrementally up to 100% and offer a complete range of adhesives along our conventional product portfolio.
  • Our RENEW products will not compromise on performance in use, making them viable alternatives to conventional hotmelt adhesives used in modern high-speed production environments.

Responsible Care Programme of myAdhesive


We focus on maintaining
sustainable partnerships
between ecological,
economic and social

Environmental Impact

It is our constant
mission to provide
adhesives which have a
minimal impact on the


We are working on
how each product can
have more efficient

and renewable