Endless Possibilities For Every Demand

Labelling Applications

Endless Possibilities For Every Demand

At myAdhesive we offer unlimited labelling possibilities ranging from glass and PET bottles to metal containers.

myAdhesive’s container labelling products offer highspeed application at high production line speed. We recognize the industry’s need for durability and ease-ofuse. Our container labelling adhesive products are ideal for both in-line labeling and roll through labelling processes, either using plastic film or paper labels.

Tailored to meet customers’ specific needs, our quality container labelling adhesive products are the top performing labelling solutions in the packaging market. Protect your brand with myAdhesive labelling solutions!


Product Details

myPack 820 series a full range of adhesives for the labelling of containers used in the beverage and household chemicals sector. The products have been developed to affix, PET, PE, Paper and metallised foil labels to glass, PET, PVC, PE and HDPE; as well to label cans, pouch and cartons.

myPack 820 series are premium quality easy to use products with best in class performance with low odour and low consumption and include products for the labelling of mineral waters, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, with PET and Paper labels. In addition, products are available to attach labels to difficult to bond HDPE containers used to package household chemicals. Products are available to bond labels to metal cans that the labels are applied at ambient and hotfill.

The range also includes adhesives to attach straw to drinks cartons adhesives to attach labels to yoghurt containers, shrink sleeve labels and the direct labelling of food products.

myPack 820 range has been designed to run on all labelling machines past present and future and provide and run cleanly at the highest speeds

The myPack 820 series products are made from the highest quality materials are non-toxic and the products are certified to international standards regarding proximity and contact with food.

The products are supplied in pillows in 15kg boxes and 30 lb boxes.

myPack 800 hotmelt adhesive

myPack 820 – is a premium quality hot-melt pressure-sensitive labelling adhesive for PET, PVC, and glass bottles, it has high tack, and is suitable for OPP, PE, and PP labels. The product runs very cleanly without the formation of smoke or odors. Brochure

myPack 810 hotmelt adhesive

myPack 825 – is a hot melt adhesive for labelling tinplate cans and glass containers on horizontal and canmatic vertical labelling machines. The product has low odor good machinability and absence of formation of stains on paper labels even of low thickness. Good hot tack allows it to be used even on machines with speeds of over 50,000 cans/hour Also suitable for hot cans and bottles. Brochure