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Superabsorbents by Evonik

Dedicated to Superabsorbent

For more than three decades, Evonik is dedicated to the manufacture of superabsorbent polymers – and with great success. Today’s diapers have become much smaller and thinner, from more than 100 grams in the 1980s to only 45 grams today; this being one of the achievements that have resulted from the progress we have made in the development of superabsorbents.


So Effective, It’s Like Magic

Just a few grams of superabsorbents are sufficient to store a baby’s urine, making it “disappear.” They can absorb up to 500 times their own weight in liquid, forming a gel that traps the liquid and won’t release it, even under pressure. Our products are also used in adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products. In Europe, we manufacture superabsorbents primarily at our factory in Krefeld.

Other production facilities include Rheinmünster (for superabsorbents) and Marl (acrylic acid). We also have production plants in the USA, in Greensboro, NC and Garyville, LA (superabsorbents) and a joint venture site in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia (superabsorbents). In addition, we maintain laboratories for research, development and application technology in Krefeld (Germany) and Greensboro (USA).

Mass Balance approach – FAVOR® eCO | Evonik

Baby Diapers

It’s You. Dry and Snug-All Day, All Night.

Modern baby diapers have qualities that seem like magic. But the powder that keeps a baby’s bottom dry doesn’t come from an iron cauldron. They are produced in our laboratories.

Diapers should be capable of absorbing liquid. Layers of cellulose fibers did the job in the days before the advent of superabsorbent polymers. But that old method had a major disadvantage: once under pressure, the fluid that was held inside was able to seep through to the diaper’s surface. That’s why absorbent polymers were invented.

They are cross-linked polymers that form a gel when they absorb fluid. They provide a major benefit: they trap liquids and won’t release them, even under extreme pressure.

Most of the superabsorbent polymers produced worldwide are used to manufacture modern baby diapers – and as one of the leading global suppliers of these remarkable polymers, we are the undisputed experts in the field.

supersbsorber baby diaper

Feminine Care

It’s You. Confident and Active as always.

One hundred years ago, women had to make do with homemade sanitary napkins during their monthly period. Today, commercial products provide a great deal more comfort and convenience.

We are proud that our FAVOR® superabsorbent polymers contribute to women’s well-being on those special days of the month. Women can feel confident by relying on FAVOR® superabsorbents. Once blood reaches the inside of the product, the white granulate traps it there and ensures that it can’t seep out. As an additional benefit, superabsorbent polymers make it possible to design feminine hygiene articles that are thinner but capable of absorbing more liquid. The result: products that are more comfortable to wear and that allow greater freedom of movement.

FEMININE CARE superabsorbent by evonik

Adult Incontinence

It’s You. Appreciating Every Moment.

Did you know that one out of four women and one out of ten men will experience incontinence at some time in their lives? Although it affects so many people, incontinence remains a taboo subject.

Hardly anyone dares to speak about it. But we do – and we offer assistance. Our superabsorbent polymers are used in adult hygiene projects that offer safety and protection without” putting on weight.” No one should be ashamed to use innovative hygiene articles to deal with a loss of bladder control. Even though most women turn to the familiar sanitary napkin, this is not the best approach. They are designed to absorb blood, which is much thicker than urine.

Feminine hygiene articles are designed to absorb liquid slowly. Faced with a” surge” of urine, the pads are” flooded” with more liquid than they can deal with. Our polymers, specially designed for use in adult hygiene products, are equipped to handle the job quickly and efficiently. The granulated crystals are capable of absorbing many times their weight in water, urine or other liquids. They are also designed to stand up to the weight of an adult, whether sitting or lying down, without releasing the fluid they have trapped inside.

Take advantage of today’s high-quality adult hygiene projects and feel better about yourself. Our research has even made it possible to give these products odor-fighting qualities. An ideal combination for all who suffer from a loss of bladder control yet don’t want to give up the freedom of being active and independent.

adult care superabsorbent by evonik
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